Sound of Silence

It's the annoying quiet noise that you hear over any song, any conversation, any silence. Things are wrong, and you need to fix it. Sometimes I wish I was better at drifting and settling with how things are but the hungry perfectionist in me doesn't let me be in peace ever, not for a second. I've tried to push it off by thinking it doesn't really matter since I'm always going to be restless so why keep changing things when the result will be the same anyhow. I wish it would work like that. But I feel more and more that I'm not being true to myself and that is most likely the breaking point. The pattern has to change even if it means I have to destroy it to the ground, once again.

Last summer there was way too many carcasses lying around the roads. I feel like I'm one of the rabbits now, trying foolishly and desperately to cross the street at traffic hour. All I can do is to close my eyes, run at full speed and pray for divine intervention.

The west, the warm, the sunny south
I see it's full of ancients
For call the space between the crave
that sound of road to me too

I used to lie thinking clouds aside here and which was dust
I lie as I throw myself out in the shower cold and thin

There’s someone here who laughs too hard at everything

isn't it hard,
paddling out, paddling out?

Miike Snow - Paddling out