Ordinary World

Summer is here! The past month has been about socializing, warmth of weather and other people. So maybe for that I've taken more portraits than usually. I must admit, it's way more scary than taking pictures of things that doesn't have a pulse. But I do love it, it challenges me in different ways. You have to be quick changing the settings, constantly pull new ideas out of your head and above all, lean on your instincts.

Other thing about portraits is that you get to see how most people are visibly afraid of the camera. It's like a gun you lift in front of your face and boom - you see people turn vulnerable. I don't envy them. Then it's my job to make them feel comfortable, erase the danger and turn it into a fun experience. Easier to said than done and lot of work to do in that field for me. But one of the reasons Im so fond of photographing is that it makes me feel safe and in control of the situation, even when I'm only taking pictures of unliving things.

There is also the group who loves to be in pictures or just simply always look natural in them. My sister for example is one of them and I got the honor to be the official photographer in her weddings. It was stressful, but in the end I'm really happy I did it.