My Heartshaped-Goggles

To lose my life

or lose my love

That's the nightmare I've been running from

So let me hold you in my arms a while,

I was always careless as a child

When I've asked people what intimidates them, they rarely mention falling in love. I find it strange, since most people have experienced it at some point in their lives. Afterall it's a whole new world you get sucked into. Someone elses world. You try to keep up on their pace as they walk, follow their footsteps to places you haven't even thought of stepping into. You get familiar with every mountain and valley in their body, every dimple in their cheeks and wringle around their eyes. You breathe in their laughter and your own tears of joy out. You end up giving yourself to them; naked, disarmed and utterly vulnerable. And you just can't get enough of them, eventhought it would mean counting their eyelashes for eternity. It's pure madness. For me, there's nothing quite as intimidating as falling in love.

About my love towards pictures.. still struggling to find time for photoshoots, I'm afraid. Past month I at least got to try something I've wanted to do for a while, the mighty "heartshaped bokeh" I've seen in some very fine photographers works, such as Irene Suchocki for one. There's actual kits for that on sale but I decided to craft the thing myself, seeing it's way more easier, faster and cheaper. I made one star-shaped too, obviously you can go nuts with the shapes if you want. I decided to stick with these two for now, and I'm waiting for the sunny days and rainy nights of Spring to come to test the star -one out.