Let There Be Light

Last August I finally had a time for a vacation with my best friend in Sicily, Italy. We stayed in Taormina, a city placed 400m above the sealevel. It was very sunny, very beautiful and very warm, a little too warm for my finnish skin. The city also gave some nice photographing opportunities but mostly it was way too hot to carry my dear 550D around. Another reason to get a Leica in the far future!

While dreaming about a Leica camera, I've bought some new gear this month. I finally got a new flash, Nissin's Di622 markII and a baby softbox from Lastolite. The flash's been great so far and it really opens up new opportunities andalso got me pushed more into the world of studiophotographing. I'm a little disappointed with the softbox though. It's designed to be attached on the flash so you can use softer direct light when there's no walls to bounce off the light. It's been fine using outdoors when you got no other gear to go with, but indoors it's left me abit cold. Of course you can't assume it provides as much light as the bigger brothers of Lastolite and the whole studio set, but I was expecting abit more for the good reviews it has gotten. Not many test photos yet to show but I'll promise you more next time!