Amsterdam Conversations

Long time no see. I've had a lot going on lately so no time for writing unfortunately! However, I've carried my camera around everywhere as usual so there is plenty of new pics, and it's time to publish few of them now.

A month and a half ago I visited Amsterdam with my dear best friend. In the past when I've been there, the city has given me different sensations what it is about. There's just something in the air that I can't truly pinpoint. It's some sort of magical sense of belonging, that I shouldn't ever be anywhere else but there. It is obvious that a person who loves everything old like me, it's a heaven on earth. I also adore the sharp contrast between art, open sexuality, traditions, drugs, antiques and delicious food, all mixed up in harmony. Something that would never work in my country. It's a city that doesn't pretend to be something that its not; what you see is what you get. So I always get a rush of inspiration and can't wait to get back home to make them come alive. And when I get back to Finland, the country seems odd and grey, a stranger you need to get used to for awhile.

So I had high expectations of Amsterdam this time as well and the city did give me a new sensation now, just a different one I had waited for. In the center of it there was now way too many people, my back hurt nonstop and it was either too cold or too hot all the time. My camera was with me in the wrong places, and the pics I took, I wasn't happy with them. All I could see was flaws and imperfection in everything, my clothes, my looks, my photos. It's impossible to produce good pics when you're in the flow of negativity you cant express out.

In the end I got some shots I was satisfied with and also learned a simple valuable lesson. Same things that once made you, might break you too. You can't rely that visiting a place that's given you energy and made you bloom before, will do it everytime you go there. It's not a bank you can just walk in and get what you left last time into your little safety locker. 'Cos there is no bulletproof security system. Just need to enjoy the inspirational moments when they come and take everything in as much as you can.

The pictures you can find in the galleries.