An End Has a Start

Finally! It was about time to update my site closer to what I want it to be. Originally I wanted to start keeping this blog straight away after opening the site, but as sometimes happens, life gets in the way.

It feels strange to write to public after so many years but also somehow very refreshing as well. I've added quite abit new pics to the gallery, most are random ones, but there is also a serie called Dreamstate included. I'm very much into fantasy, nightmares and daydreams so I wanted to create a dream-like series where all of the pictures wouldn't be as clear of what they represent. So anyone whos looking at them would be able to wake up the beasts and fairies of their own dreams. It's quite far away of what I've been doing so far, so for that it was a special shoot as well. I'm positive I'll be continuing the series in the future as I felt like it gave me something new and was fun to do.

So, teh blog has now been officially opened.