Thanks For The Memories

So the world didn't end, no matter how much we waited for it. Not that I was really prepared to it anyway. The year 2012 however is coming to an end, and personally it has been a rough ride for me. I enjoy change and welcome it normally, but now it's been a little too much to handle at times.

 This year's been about heartaches, newborns, starting over, midlife-crises, friends turning into foes and permanent goodbyes. I wish I had pictures to tell about everything that happened, but I don't. Sometimes it takes time to process how you really think and feel, before you can translate it to understandable language, be it words or pictures. I feel I'm still trying to settle down and swallow it all, which might explain the low producing in the photographing area. You just simply don't have energy for everything.

 But let's not be all gloomy! As being said, I haven't been taking much photos lately, and if I have, I've deleted most for not being happy about them. But I have some new ideas for next year and things I really want to try out. Towards the end of this year I've actually found myself taking pics more and more of children. I even had one proper photoshoot and that was pretty nice! It is a whole new area to explore, but I actually enjoy it.